Food from Italian hills

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Meet Valle del Sole

Valle del Sole is a place where time has stopped.
We have been caretakers of procedures and recipes, handed down from generation to generation, for over 40 years.
We love doing things like they used to, in an old fashioned way, always respecting seasonality. This means fresh and naturally matured products that offer an intense aroma and retain all nutritional properties.
Even today, we of Valle del Sole continue to rely on our farmers to bring to your tables only the best that our Italian hills has to offer.

Made in Italy

From footwear to pret-a-porter, from bicycles to automobiles and, undoubtedly, excellent enogastronomic traditions, Italian products bearing the prestigious Made in Italy title are highly-coveted the world over – for their integrity and durability, design originality and creativity, and for their distinct tastes and flavors.

Mediterranean Diet

Folks in countries bordering the Mediterranean Sea live longer and suffer less than most Americans from cancer and cardiovascular ailments. The Mediterranean Diet offers a host of health benefits, including weight loss, heart and brain health, cancer prevention, and diabetes prevention and control.





Our products

From pasta to tomato, the ingredients you need for your healthy meal.


Our pasta is formed by the combination of the best durum wheat mixed with pure water.


Good as homemade and immediately ready to be used.


Great in soups, as a main course and as a side dish in salads.

Olive oil & Vinegar

True Mediterranean genuineness.

Pasta sauces

Our tomato based sauces give to every dish the classic taste of tradition.

Pesto sauces

Good as homemade and immediately ready to be used.


Appetizing and tasty to be served in every occasion.

A story of passion for Italian food and love for our land

In 1979 the Pisani family decided to create a company which would bring the excellence and incomparable high quality of Italian food all over the world.

The culture of Italian food is our mission in life, and we accomplished it when we founded the Campagna brand and the Italian food export company which today the world recognizes as the ambassador and leading provider of authentic Italian products.